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​IPA 6.5%

Release date: MAY 20, 2022

Style: IPA + Phantasm Tropical Thiol Dust

Hops: Citra + Mosaic

Label Design by: Bother Jopa

Metatheion is an experimental double-dry hopped IPA brewed with a novel product called Phantasm.
Phantasm is a powder created from the skins of Sauvignon Blanc grapes in New Zealand. When Phantasm powder is combined with a very particular custom developed yeast strain - BOOM! It is transformed into juicy flavour compounds. While not a replacement for traditional hops, it gives a big boost to the tropical notes desired in a modern IPA.

This beer is double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops to go along with the Phantasm

Available in BC + AB


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