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Farmhouse Double IPA 10.0%

Release date: Dec 2, 2022

This is a farmhouse-style double IPA made in collaboration with the fantastic Boombox Brewing team. 

Sonopsychotic is brewed with a farmhouse yeast from the Ardennes that produces notes of fruit and spice, which blend beautifully with the dank tropical notes from multiple Citra and Mosaic hop additions. A full fermentation results in a beer that is not cloying in the slightest, and it drinks like one with half its strength, beware! 


From left to right:

  •  Cris Ohama, Co-Founder of the HYPHA Project

  •  Chris Charron, Co-Founder + Brewer at the HYPHA Project

  •  Kent Courtice, Founder + Brewer at Boombox Brewing


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