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"In white letters it says NEVER ABOVE NOR BELOW, and in black scattered letters in the back it says WE ARE ALL ONE.

Meaning we aren't above or below anyone on the social ladder."

- KC Hall


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Kelsey (KC) Hall is a Heiltsuk visual artist from Bella Bella, BC. He is the grandson of hereditary Chief Irene (Wakas) Brown. His passion for creating art came very early in his life. Kelsey has studied formline design and graduated from the NorthWest Coast Jewelry Arts Program at Native Education College. 


While in this program, he found comfort within the transition from graffiti to Northwest Coast formline. As a graffiti/formline artist Kelsey is known for his ability to stick to the traditional ways of both art forms, while adding to and combining both styles to create one of his own. 


He has received numerous private and public commissions and has exhibited his work professionally within B.C. Follow him on social media here, view his artwork at the Lattimer Gallery and find out about his next project HSTYMKRS.



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