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"I have been developing what I decided to be a mascot in my mind, representing where we live at, the land we are occupying here, in the same breath a character that has some intricate backstory.

So what we have here is a sasquatch who still remains nameless along with his family members. It is part of a bigger story in my head that extends from an old idea about a motley crew of characters, which I'm not ready to leak out at the moment. I have a few stories that have been in development for the past few decades, but of course life has its was of distracting me from finishing it. I mean I have many other creative priorities that keep me consumed. Consider this HYPHA label a peek into my messed up world, one day I'll clean up my room in my mind's palace."

- Nelson 'Dedos' Garcia


Dedos Profile Pic.jpg

Dedos is recognized as one of the graffiti/b-boy pioneers in Canada and during the early 90's, was a core member of an infamous graffiti muralist crew: "AA crew"; as well as a dynamic b-boy crew: "Contents Under Pressure" and a founding member of the hip hop group the "Rascalz" that shook up Canadian music industry.

Since those days he's been working in and out of the animation/gaming industry, and more recently he's been freelancing and pushing the name of his own company
NOMADICALTERNATIVES Productions with his wife Xochitl, together they aspire to create an abundance of great things.

He also has started a Hip Hop series of character concepts which you can find on his sites. 
Follow him at @dedosgoldeneraicons.



Music behind the release: Gustoe

"When I sit down to produce music it is with a curiosity and wonder with how emotions and stories can be captured in a sequence of sounds. Without holding myself back I let myself have fun and give it the gustoe💦"



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