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"When I designed this image I wanted to capture a moment of uncertainty.

I knew I was just embarking on a certain life challenge and the character in my drawing became reflective of my feelings of self-protectiveness.

I included the raven as a companion and also as an element of

wildness and wisdom." - Lani Imre


Lani paints in a contemporary style that reflects aspects of illustration, graphics, and street art. The bold, defiant characters she creates touch on themes of female identity and sexual fantasy while pushing against contradictory media depictions of femininity. By contrasting the fierce, the sensual and the vulnerable in her work, Lani’s primary objective is to give voice to the desires of women.


Lani continues to create large-scale paintings in her studio and is currently working on illustrations for a graphic novel detailing the rise and fall of

the Amazon tribeswomen. Learn all about her here.


Music behind the release: GUSTOE

"When I sit down to produce music it is with a curiosity and wonder with how emotions and stories can be captured in a sequence of sounds. Without holding myself back I let myself have fun and give it the gustoe💦"



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