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The featured Hypha beer can artwork profiles a section of a larger artwork painted by Marcus Coldeway, a West Coast mural, abstract and graffiti artist. This artwork was chosen as it best describes his current collection of work and features the artist's character calling card "Mr. Broccoli". 


The artwork titled "Real Shit" is part of an ongoing series of works that strive to combine abstract art and graffiti into a high-energy style that is raw yet clean. The playful backgrounds are a mix of bright colours, graffiti-inspired shapes and letter work. Black letters and accents are then layered onto the background resulting in a subtle depth. Even on the beer can label you see the texture of the canvas and get a taste of the depth from the original artwork. 


MC Photo.png

Over the past 3 years, Marcus has rocked and rolled his way into the Western Canada mural scene. A multi-media visual artist by passion, graphic designer and ad man by trade, Marcus has spent the last 3 years helping to organize Mural Massive while crushing private murals across AB and BC. He has spent the last 10 years running MINBID Art Gallery + Auctions bringing the underground of art and culture to the surface in Edmonton and now Vancouver where he resides. His current work strives to combine abstract art and graffiti into a high-energy style that is raw yet clean. A graduate of the University of Alberta but a vocal non-lover of the, by definition and practice, Alberta institution. He works to buck trends, shy away from tradition and create a new practice of art enthusiasm and patronage.

Learn all about  the artist here


Music behind the release: Gustoe

"When I sit down to produce music it is with a curiosity and wonder with how emotions and stories can be captured in a sequence of sounds. Without holding myself back I let myself have fun and give it the gustoe💦"



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