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"The work is inspired by post-apocalyptic narrative work like Akira, The Road,

and Battle Angel. With the dystopian world seeming more real and closer than ever, I wanted to show that we can still find the time for a break and enjoy the little moments we have (peace sign, happy face) and have a Hypha Beer"

- Peter Ricq

Creating The New Normal Label

Creating The New Normal Label

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Peter Ricq is an award-winning creative force. Besides his work as a Visual Artist, he is also a Television Producer, Writer, Art Director, Designer, Director, Music Composer, and Performer. He currently lives and works out of Vancouver, Canada.


His animation work spans from creating series’ “The League of Super Evil” and “Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion” that have aired on several networks including Teletoon, Cartoon Network and Nick. His band “HUMANS” with partner Robbie Slade, released their first full-length in 2015 which was nominated for a JUNO that year, and they followed up with a tour that included Osheaga, Coachella and many more. Listen to tracks from HUMANS and another music project he's part of, Gang Signs, below. 


Peter released a graphic novel called Once Our Land, in 2016. The book has has gone through its fourth print run and has released two other novels since. His 2017 feature film directing debut ‘DEAD SHACK’ can be streamed on SHUDDER.


Peter has a large and varied body of work and awards to show for it. To find out more, visit


Did you know the music in the background of the The New Normal was also created by the artist behind the label design?

The Red is a rock and roll band made of Peter Ricq and... that's it really. Created during the pandemic because the world was missing one more energetic, loud, punk rock band in the the mist of Jay Retard, Ty Segall, Les Savy Fav, early Fidlar and such that no one cares about. NAILED IT!

- Peter Ricq



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