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"This piece aims to add a bit of carefree happiness into the world.

The world is a deadly serious place right now, but no matter what the future holds I think we can all agree that we need to be able to be both strong and carefree.

I want to make art that reminds people that despite all of our personal achievements and downfalls, our triumphs and tribulations, that we really have no idea of what we’re doing here, and that’s perfectly okay.

- Neil Manuel


Neil Manuel Profile pic 1.jpg

Neil Manuel is a graphic designer based in Kamloops, BC. His fascination with stories and characters dates back to childhood notebooks riddled with equal parts schoolwork and drawings.

Inspired by the skateboard graphics of his youth, Neil turns his childhood passion into reality every day as a graphic designer and animator.

Neil sets out daily to provoke a sense of fun and wonder through his work, guided by his belief that art is for everyone and can be found everywhere.

Learn all about  the artist here.


Music behind the release: THE RED

The Red is a rock and roll band made of Peter Ricq and... that's it really. Created during the pandemic because the world was missing one more energetic, loud, punk rock band in the the mist of Jay Retard, Ty Segall, Les Savy Fav, early Fidlar and such that no one cares about. NAILED IT!

The Red Logo.jpg


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